Team Golf Bags for CHRISTmas

We will be ordering new team bags soon. Several players earned them in our fund raising plan this month but we also allow all players to order them at the same time. In past years, we have received them in time for CHRISTmas presents, which is why we order early. They are custom made at the factory to insure our Bixby colors scheme.

We ask for a $75 deposit (Check payable to BPS) …..I anticipate the bags will be less than $140 and the $65 balance can be paid upon receipt of the bags.

Below are samples along the line of what we order. The royal blue & Red bag is similar with logo stitching something like the blue & white bag.

Click on this link for an order form.   SPARTAN TEAM GOLF

We are also getting bids from Taylor Made so the exact bag mock-up will be published when we settle on a bag. I DO NOT MARK THEM UP AND YOU PAY EXACTLY WHAT THEY COST US.