Spring 2018 Team Pictures

We will have Junior High pics first period and High School pics 7th period.
Wear any one of your Spartan Shirts. First choice is Blue – 2nd choice is White…. Red if you have nothing else. I believe we all have a good shirt. (Pants color optional) BLACK PREFERRED
a pull -over is also good for pics. Most of us have a Blue one, I believe.
Plan to discuss the schedule for the season. I have it mapped out for all tournaments and practices but we need to review and tweak it as you find snags…..
Those of you in classes or PLCs, please try to get coverage. We had few options for team pic times.
For online ordering:

Online ordering can take place prior to or just after the picture day occurs.  All online orders will be pulled for processing the pictures within a week of picture day.  Instructions on ordering online are attached, this is the link:  https://squareup.com/store/shipmanphotos.