Ranking Match Information

We have held preliminary rankings for the boys but are on hold to rank the girls.

Girls will be ranked after more practice and clinic instruction as allowed by the OSSAA.

BOYS RANKINGS will continue thru the fall as follows:

We will rank every Thursday at Indian Springs, the only 18 hole course we have access to. After 3 ranking dates, we will adjust the top 5 players as needed BASED ON STROKE AVERAGES. The ranking scores will be calculated as a “per hole played” score. Players must play in all 3 ranking matches TO MOVE UP in the team rankings. In some cases, lower ranked players may jump over a player who misses ranking dates.

Hole averages start Thursday 9/6 and will continue to effect a players stroke averages thru the competitive season.  Any scores recorded prior to today’s date will not be factored in.

This is the preliminary boy’s team ranking  based on performance & observations to date. NOTE: Bags 4 thru 7 are too close to call at this point. These players will be grouped for 3 weeks

1)   Dylan Teeter

2)  Kyle Peterson

3)  Ronson Lee

4 ,5, 6 & 7)  Brennen Boles  – Ben Moeller – Chance Criss – Zak Hernandez

8)   Nathan Guiterrez

9)   Andrew Tanner

10) Cole Been

NOTE:  Aiden Kirkland & Trent Ridener will join in the rankings after their fall and/or winter sports conclude. They will start ranking with the #8, #9 & #10 bags and climb or fall in rankings as results warrant.

All other players will be considered as JV players 11 thru 23 – THESE PLAYERS WILL RANK AND THE TOP 2 WILL CHALLENGE BAGS 9 & 10 (as determined from the next 3 ranking matches)

Again, these rankings will be adjusted as needed after our next 3 ranking dates. The preliminary rankings are primarily set for the purpose of pairings for future matches.

Next 3 ranking pairings:

#1  Teeter – Peterson – Lee

#2 Boles – Criss – Moeller – Hernandez

#3 Guiterrez – Tanner – Been

(Remaining JV Groups TBA)