We do practice in cold weather, within limits. Our targeted temperature is 50 degrees, but wind can effect that temperature, of course.  Decisions to change plans are made between 1:00 & 2:00 so check your messages or website postings.

YOU MUST BE PREPARED FOR THE TEMPERATURE HOWEVER, OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE.  (You should have cold weather gear in your car and/or golf bag)

  1. Wear your hoodies up or a stocking cap
  2. Have a wind jacket AND wind pants or sweat pants. (NOT ONLY YOGA PANTS)
  3. Get winter gloves

Remember, When we start tournament play in March, the weather will be cold & windy…… (SOMETIMES RAIN OR LIGHT SNOW)

Again, be responsible and prepared. If you don’t properly plan to play or practice in the conditions that exist,  you should not try to play. You will be dropped from your assigned matches. All play before Dec. 1st is voluntary BUT after Dec. 1st, practices are mandatory.