Fall Practices are limited by the OSSAA. Until Dec. 1st, players are not required to remain at a team practice in excess of a one hour official time limit. Ranking matches that are set up are NOT MANDATORY before Dec. 1st. If a player starts a ranking match or any other practice session, he/she may leave after one hour from the starting time. The starting times vary based on how long it takes players to arrive at the course. Coaches will not be actively coaching after one hour from the player’s start time, but may remain at the course to observe play and/or to satisfy the golf course management.

PLAYERS THAT DO NOT HAVE RIDES OR CANNOT WORK OUT CARPOOLS TO THE COURSE MAY REPORT TO THE COMPLEX ON CAMPUS FOR THEIR ONE HOUR PRACTICE TIME, 7th  HOUR. Parents must sign permission slips to allow their child to ride with another player. This slip includes information pertaining to how practice sessions are set up and managed.

Golf teams are the only sport that cannot fully practice on campus. A  PARENT THAT ELECTS TO HAVE THEIR CHILD PLAY HIGH SCHOOL OR JUNIOR HIGH GOLF, ACCEPTS THE FACT THAT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING THEIR ATHLETE TO AND FROM GOLF COURSES ON A REGULAR BASIS. While Bixby is fortunate to have an on-campus practice facility, Golf Course practice is an essential part of the program. ALL SCHOOL DISTRICTS MUST DEAL WITH THE SAME SITUATION.

Additionally, Parents must agree that their child may be a great distance from the coaches location during play at either matches or practices.  The athlete must be responsible and trustworthy to remain on a team with such an environment.  Players may not always be using the same practice facility and the coach has to count on them going where assigned and remaining at practice if the coach is away supervising other practice groups. Players proving to be untrustworthy in these circumstances will not remain in the program.  There is no flexibility in this rule. Golfers are routinely dropped off at course by parents for a multiple hour long golf round and are in just as safe an environment during practices on our practice days as they play on weekends or in the summer.