Based on eligibility, the plans for practice. (We are still waiting on a few players to pay course fees and get physicals and drug tests in.

At Whitehawk, we are limited on range balls (15 buckets per day) Do not get balls if you are not assigned on range until players that are assigned to the range get their balls. If you do not play on your scheduled ranking day, let me know why.

REMINDER: Coaches cannot be involved in practices after 4:00. Make sure parents are aware “official practices” are over by 4:00 and if you remain to finish your practice, it is by your choice. (This will change Dec. 1st) NOTE: We do set up VOLUNTARY PLAY DAYS WITH FRONTIER CONFERENCE SCHOOLS ON OCCASION. These events are VOLUNTARY and a player is not required to play or practice after 4:00. < Before Dec. 1st, A coach can watch, but cannot offer coaching advice after 4:00>

On home course days, if you are not a member of a club, you can go to THE LINKS on MEMORIAL and play. There is no charge for green fees. AND I ANTICIPATE THAT YOU WILL BE PLAYING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE THIS FALL.

Don’t waste the opportunity we have to get better. We need to work hard from now thru mid November…. This is our prime practice season! REMEMBER, YOUR PRACTICE SESSIONS ARE VOLUNTARY AFTER 4:00. But you can bring me ATTESTED scorecards to use as ranking scores.

JUNIOR HIGH PLAYERS CAN NOW USE THE LINKS AND LIT’L LINKS AFTER SCHOOL. (Also course time at Whitehawk)… BUT WE CANNOT HAVE OFFICIAL PRACTICES UNTIL DEC. 1st, as your OSSAA allowed practice time with a coach is during your first period. You will not be charged green fees at those courses and will have some access to free range balls, by a schedule to be posted next week. start planning to go AFTER SCHOOL… Work out carpool rides and playing groups….

ON WEEKENDS: You can play for free at Whitehawk with a tee time (usually at noon or later). A parent can play with you for $19.50 with a cart! Also, Lit’l Links Green Fees are also free on weekends. (No free range balls on weekends) At THE LINKS you can play for $5.00. (Not free but reduced green fees)