Due to Whitehawk closing for renovations we will have a modified practice plan for 2 to 3 weeks.  We will resume using the course once they reopen and for this year at least, the new owners advise they will continue to honor our financial agreement made with American Golf.

I anticipate an increase in course use fees for 2018-19 but at this point it seems the new management intends returning the course to the outstanding golf course it once was.


JUNIOR HIGH PLAYERS WILL USE LIT’L  LINKS FOR OUR REGULAR PRACTICE COURSE. Players that belong to a private course may use their home course when ever they’d like. We must balance the playing groups to prevent the course from being overflowed with Spartan Golfers. Coaches Moore & Masters will alternate supervising these practices. Players are expected to attend. If you cannot get a ride to the course (or work out a carpool) advise the coaches each day.

Coach Moore Cell  918- 237-6489           Coach Master Cell 918-855-0030

If your already established carpool situation requires a change in groups, advise me ASAP


            This group will practice on Mondays & Wednesdays: (After school until 5:00PM)

Lucas, Marazas, Hall, Flegler, Kirk, Head, Fields, Fryer, Jolly, A.J., Jenny, Moore, Burns, Bailor, Kemmerly


               This group will practice on Tuesdays & Thursdays: (After school until 5:00PM)

Friedrichson, Kaiser, King, George, Abbott, Brabander, Rame, Coffey, Surman, Morarity, Armstrong, Stevenson, Robertson, Shaw, Holley, Lambert


  These HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS WILL BE ADVISED OF THEIR COURSE ASSIGNMENTS WEEKLY          < Indian Springs, Meadowbrook and Golf Club may allow us practice rounds for 2 weeks >

Gough, Eckert, Benton, Johnson, Anderson, Josie, Tafoya, Lucas, Peterson, Baber, Kemmerly, Teeter, Moeller, Criss, Lee



REPORT TO THE COMPLEX OR HOME COURSE ON DAYS YOU’RE NOT ASSIGNED TO THE LINKS     < If your established carpool plans required a change in group assignment let me know ASAP >

Mondays/Thursdays:  Owen, Fuller, Standlee, Holley, Fisher, Fields, Tanner, Moser, Cade, Elder, Daniels, Maddie, Morgan, Sefcik

Wednesdays/Fridays:  Spillars, Max, Crago, Miller, Guiterrez,  Hernandez, Ridener, Boles, Been, Freeman, Kirkland, Anglin, Hammons, Kaiser, Nadia, Long, Bales


You must play at least 9 holes each day at your assigned course. When at the COMPLEX you will work on short game area OUTSIDE.  We have to lock it up as soon as 7th period ends so the coach can get to a course.  PLAYERS BELONGING TO A CLUB MAY USE THEIR HOME COURSE EACH DAY UNLESS ASSIGNED A RANKING MATCH.