Junior High Tournament Friday 3/9

Frontier Conference Tournament at Bartlesville – Adams G.C.

BUS Departure time: 6:15    (Arrive at Complex by 6:00)

We are paired with Jenks & Broken Arrow.

GIRLS Tee Times:   G. Kirk – 8:40    E. Hall-8:48   L. Lucas-8:56   L. Flegler – 9:04    E. Fryer – 9:12

BOYS Tee Times:    Moore – 9:00     Burns – 9:06    King – 9:12      Jenny – 9:18    Kemmerly – 9:24

Girls off #10 Tee (9 holes)  –   Boys off #1 (18 holes)

DO NOT BE LATE FOR THE BUS DEPARTURE. We cannot wait due to drive time and needed warm-up time. If you miss the bus, go on the school as you will be dropped from the dismissal list.

Players may ride home with THEIR OWN parents or grandparents BUT must ride the bus to the events.

We usually get home around 4:30 to 5:00 for this trip. (We do stop to eat – Paid for by the team)

PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO PICK UP YOUR SPARTAN WHEN THEY ARRIVE BACK HOME. We call and give at least 20 minutes notice. The coaches must wait on you to come pick up your child.

Parents are always welcome to come as spectators and can walk with your child’s group or you can rent a cart. (around $25)

THERE ARE FIRM OSSAA RULES RELATED TO PARENT OR SPECTATOR INVOLVEMENT.  You cannot offer any advice or suggestions to your child and should stay at least 25 yards away from them and remain on the cart path. Your child can be penalized or disqualified for breaches of these rules. Coach Morrow enforces the rules and can/will penalize his own players, asper the OSSAA guidelines. Please make it easy on me…..

I note that the one way you can legally assist your child and save them strokes is to ‘forecaddy for them’. that means go down the fairway where you expect their shot to land and assist it it is in rough or a hazard. you can help look for any ball, including their competitors ball.  Spot where it landed and once they arrive to search for it, assist them by pointing it out. (also help their opponents if you` so choose to) THEN WALK AWAY. You can also clap and offer congrats on shots for all players in his/her group…