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Bixby Spartan Golf – Parent Shirts

Spartan Golf Spirit Wear is now available for parents at Fieldhouse Gear.  If you would like to purchase Spartan Golf Spirit Wear please follow the link:

Also check out Fieldhouse Gear’s Facebook page where you can also purchase this same spirit wear.  Follow this link for Facebook:,  then click Shop Now.

Bixby Spartan Athletes Fall Drug Testing Information

Just a reminder students that you need to complete your drug test.  There are only three more dates available; July 18th, August 9th, and August 30th (more for 7th & 8th grade choir and band, and HS choir, drama/debate, FFA, and academic team).  Athletes and fall activities need to get their drug test before they can practice or compete.  Please have your


Follow these steps to register and pay:

  • Go to
  • Go to Inside Athletics
  • Select Drug Testing
  • Select School – High School from the drop down box
  • Select Camp – Drug Test from the drop down box
  • Click on the register button on the right
  • Follow directions to register and pay


    Follow these steps to pick a time for you to take your drug test:
  • Go to
  • Select S. Blackwell – drug testing
  • Follow directions to sign up
    All drug testing will be completed at the Home of the Spartans (HOTS)
    Please come 5 minutes before the date and time you choose.

End of Season

End of year banquet is drawing near.  We need to be able to provide a head count for food so please get with me on the number of people that are coming in you party.  The cost is $20 pp. That will include a fried chicken dinner, tea, water and dessert.  The cost will also include the end of year coaches gifts.  I cannot count you as coming without payment because we are charge for the number we tell them.  Make checks payable to Chris Johnson. Checks can be sent with your golfer to school ( when we start back up ) or a check can be dropped off at North Carolina Furniture Mart. Thank You Chris Johnson 918.629.8839

The Club at Indian Springs

May, 20th 2018

6:30 PM

If anyone has pictures that can be used for the end of year slide show please send them to Patricia Gough at please include names of the golfers in the pics. Not all pics will be used, but as many as she can she will.  No pics will be accepted after 4/27/18, except pics from regionals and state.  

Spring 2018 Team Pictures

We will have Junior High pics first period and High School pics 7th period.
Wear any one of your Spartan Shirts. First choice is Blue – 2nd choice is White…. Red if you have nothing else. I believe we all have a good shirt. (Pants color optional) BLACK PREFERRED
a pull -over is also good for pics. Most of us have a Blue one, I believe.
Plan to discuss the schedule for the season. I have it mapped out for all tournaments and practices but we need to review and tweak it as you find snags…..
Those of you in classes or PLCs, please try to get coverage. We had few options for team pic times.
For online ordering:

Online ordering can take place prior to or just after the picture day occurs.  All online orders will be pulled for processing the pictures within a week of picture day.  Instructions on ordering online are attached, this is the link: