Our Mission Statement

Participation on the Spartan Golf Team is designed to offer a student a school athletic  experience that offers a lasting impact on his or her life. The sport of golf is a ‘Lifetime sport” that can be played well into adulthood and even into a persons retirement years.  The specific nature and physical requirements to play  golf are such that most students can participate, even those without the significant “physical ability” to participate in impact sports or sports requiring speed or strength. The sport does however, promote and build strength, stamina and overall fitness levels in students.

A Spartan Golfer will have repeated opportunities to exhibit  “Existing personal character”  or develop appropriate traits in areas including but not limited to:  a) Self imposing rules of the game violations   b)  Personal Integrity & Honesty in score keeping    c)  Exhibiting high level of sportsmanship in victory or defeat   d) Their interest and ability to represent their parents as well as Bixby High School as outstanding student athletes.

While the goal of all school team sports, in part, is to win championships, a primary goal of the Spartan Golf Team is to develop outstanding young men and women and help to prepare them for life after high school.  Regardless of how well an individual Spartan athlete does on the high school golf course, if a student learns to always give their best effort and demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship & integrity at all times,  then that student’s high school sports team experience will have been a complete and total success.


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