2019 Trip Information / Departure Times

Bus information:  2019  Spartan Golf Season      (Any Changes by Remind101 messaging system)

All busses depart from the Complex and arrive back at the Complex. Please insure you are available to pick up your Spartan as soon as the bus arrives back at the complex. They should call you when we are 20 minutes away from arrival.  Morning Weather updates by Remind101 and/or website posts

MARCH                                                                                                                  APRIL

2/28 – HS BOYS DEPART FOR DENTON TEXAS @ 3:00                                 4/1 – JV BOYS DEPART FOR CATOOSA @ 6:30

3/1   – JH BOYS DEPART FOR LAFORTUNE PARK @ 7:00                              4/1 – HS BOYS DEPART FOR ROSE CREEK @ 5:00 ??

3/6   – HS BOYS DEPART FOR PONCA CITY @ 7:30                                      4/2 – HS BOYS DEPART FOR EDMOND @ 6:00

NOTE:  The 3/6 Tournament at Guthrie moved to 3/7                                4/3 – JV BOYS DEPART FOR LINCOLN PARK @ 6:00 


UPDATED: GUTHRIE NOW 3/7   – JV BOYS DEPART FOR GUTHRIE @ 6:00                

3/7   – JH GIRLS DEPART FOR BAILEY RANCH @ 7:30                                   4/3 – HS GIRLS DEPART FOR JENKS @ 7:00

3/9 –    HS GIRLS – DEPART FOR STILLWATER  @ 6:45                                  4/3 – JV GIRLS DEPART FOR MOHAWK PARK @ 7:00

3/9   – VAR BOYS SCRIMMAGE  @ THE LINKS @ 8:00                                   4/5 – JH BOYS DEPART FOR MOHAWK PARK @ 6:30

3/11 – HS GIRLS DEPART FOR EDMOND @ 6:30                                            4/6 – VAR BOYS DEPART FOR BAILEY RANCH @ 7:30

3/11 – JV BOYS DEPART FOR MOHAWK @ 7:00                                             4/8 – HS GIRLS DEPART FOR OWASSO G & A @ 7:00

3/12 – JV BOYS DEPART FOR SAND SPRINGS @ 7:00                                     4/9 – JV GIRLS DEPART FOR GROVE @ 7:00

3/13 – JV BOYS DEPART FOR GUTHRIE @ 6:00                                                4/9 – HS BOYS DEPART FOR LAFORTUNE @ 6:30

3/13 – JH BOYS & GIRLS DEPART FOR SAPULPA @ 7:00                                4/10 – JH BOYS DEPART FOR DELCITY/TROSPER @ 6:00

3/13 – JV GIRLS DEPART FOR OWASSO @ 7:00                                               4/10 – JV GIRLS DEPART FOR SAPULPA @ 7:00

3/14 – JV GIRLS DEPART FOR SAND SPRINGS @ 7:00                                     4/11 – VAR BOYS DEPART FOR PAIGE BELCHER @ 6:30

3/15 – JH BOYS & GIRLS DEPART FOR PAIGE BELCHER @ 7:00                     4/12 – JH BOYS/ GIRLS CHAMPIONSHIP –DEPART@7:00

===========  SPRING BREAK ============                                        4/12 – JV BOYS DEPART FOR PAIGE BELCHER @ 7:00

3/25 – HS GIRLS DEPART FOR DEL CITY/WESTWOOD @ 5:30                        4/13 – HS BOYS DEPART FOR JENKS @ 12:30

3/25 – JH BOYS & GIRLS DEPART FOR MUSKOGEE C.C. @ 7:00                      4/15 – JV BOYS DEPART FOR PATRICIA ISLAND @ 6:30

3/25 – HS BOYS DEPART FOR NORMAN @ 12:00  (Overnight)                       4/16 – HS GIRLS DEPART FOR LAFORTUNE @ 6:30

3/27 – HS GIRLS DEPART FOR BARTLESVILLE/ADAMS  @ 6:30                       4/17 – HS BOYS DEPART FOR LINCOLN PARK @ 6:00

3/27 – JH BOYS  DEPART FOR SAPULPA @ 7:00                                                 4/17 – JV BOYS DEPART FOR BAILEY RANCH @ 7:00

3/28 – JV BOYS DEPART FOR OKC/LAKE HEFNER @ 6:00                                 4/18 – HS GIRLS DEPART FOR OKC/EARLYWINE @ 5:30

3/29 – JH GIRLS DEPART FOR MOHAWK PARK @ 6:30                                     4/18 – JV GIRLS DEPART FOR PAIGE BELCHER @ 7:30

3/30 – HS GIRLS DEPART FOR YUKON / LAKE HEFNER @ 6:00                        4/18 – JV BOYS DEPART FOR TROSPER PARK @ 5:00




4/26 & 27 HS BOYS @ FOR. RIDGE / 11:30 & 9:00


The Deer Creek GIRLS tournament for March 5th has been cancelled by the host school due to anticipated weather concerns.

We have replaced that event with a Stillwater tournament March 9th at Lakeside. The same players will be assigned to that event.

We will depart from the school at 6:45AM – After we play, we will eat at Eskimo Joe’s, anticipating a return home by 7:30 to 8:00

2019 Season Information:

The 2019 Schedules are posted below.

DO NOT CONSIDER THE ASSIGNED TOURNAMENTS AS “SET IN STONE” FOR EACH PLAYER. Rankings, eligibility and tournament cancellations can require updates or modifications of the schedule.  As we have seen already this season from Whitehawk Closing, major changes may occur that we have little control over.

WE OFTEN HAVE BAD WEATHER CANCELLATIONS THAT WILL REQUIRE ADJUSTMENTS TO PLAYING SCHEDULES.  But for the most part, your Spartan’s schedule will be mostly accurate, if not totally accurate.

MEAL MONEY AND/OR OVERNIGHT TRIP EXPENSES WILL BE TIGHTER THIS YEAR DUE TO OUR LOSING OUR INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT DATES.  Some tournaments close to home may involve the team not stopping to eat after we play, if we arrive back at Bixby with reasonable time for the players  to eat dinner at home.

Plan to send snacks with your Spartan to keep in their golf bags. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THEY EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST BEFORE PLAYING.  (Even if a player does not ordinarily eat breakfast) They will run out of gas after a couple hours of play without nourishment. HELP THEM LEARN TO BE SMART ABOUT THAT.

When the boys play 36 holes, they will have lunch provided between rounds.  When we play out of the Tulsa area, Boys & girls will stop for dinner. Players will get $10 per meal money. If they need more than that, have them plan for it.

Junior High players will stop for dinner after play after specific tournaments as well. (We usually go to CiCis) or MacDonalds.  Those tournaments will be identified in advance.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Have your Spartans plan for their trips the night before each tournament. They need to pack their travel bags with warm gear. The weather is often cold especially in March.  PLAYERS LATE FOR THE BUS MUST GO ON TO SCHOOL. They cannot be transported to a tournament by a private vehicle in ALMOST ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.  Help them strive to be early for these activities. They can warm up in the complex in the mornings in some cases.

Bus departure times are posted on a Remind101 in advance of each trip. MAKE SURE YOUR SPARTAN HAS SIGNED YOU UP FOR THE MESSAGES.

Players failing to wear the team uniforms will not be allowed to go on the bus and play. Every year someone “loses their uniform” or forgets to wash it….etc…. Again, help them learn to plan for their activities, well in advance. (Just like sleeping thru an alarm…. I never accept them blaming it on mom or dad… They are old enough to start to handle these things themselves.

Players may ride home AFTER TOURNAMENTS with their own parent only.  (NOT A FRIENDS PARENT)

We are going to have a great year at all levels. You are encouraged to come watch your son or daughter compete.  Watching them play is the most fulfilling sporting activity you can observe them directly involved in..…. They have the ball EVERY PLAY…. They are never standing in right field with no chances to catch a ball or bat later…. No one has to pass them a ball or kick it to them to give them a chance to shoot or score….  You have a chance to see several hours of them ATTEMPT EVERY SHOT…. Anywhere from 40 to 120 times!  Don’t miss it, if you can make it happen!


On Friday the 8th we will take pictures at the COMPLEX.  YEARBOOK STAFF and SHIPMAN PHOTOGRAPHY WILL BE HERE FOR PICS. You can buy a packet from Shipman if you want individual pics. The form will be posted this week.

Junior High will be first period – High School 7th period

JH BOYS – Wear the new tournament shirts and kahki pants or shorts.

JH GIRLS, wear a red skirt if you have one or white. (THE NEW RED ONES SHOULD BE IN THIS WEEK, IF YOU ORDERED ONE)

HS BOYS – Wear the new tournament shirt and the new black slacks.

HS GIRLS – Wear the Red skirts  & New shirts (If they come in) – If not, then wear a white skirt if you have one.

BE PREPARED – You will not have time to go home toe get uniform items. If You miss the Team picture, there will not be a make-up date.

For players in a winter sport, try to get away for a few minutes for the yearbook picture, or otherwise, we will try to photoshop you in.