The posting below has the sign-up forms for a scramble team and a form for a hole sponsor. WE NEED TO GET GOING ON SIGNING UP TEAMS AS WE ARE JUST ABOUT 5 weeks away from our tournament date.

The success of our season hinges on this one and only fund raiser we do. JUNIOR HIGH PLAYERS ALL GOT FORMS TO TAKE HOME FRIDAY

THE FUNDS ARE SPENT AS FOLLOWS: (including but not limited to)

> High School and Junior High uniform items.
> Meals provided for players at tournaments
> Sport drinks/water & snacks during tournament play
> Practice Facility needs.
> Clinic Fees & instructor fees for all players

Each year, we have had a successful fund raising tournament allowing all 70+ players to play in spring tournaments, regardless of their team ranking or experience level. If we do not have sufficient funds to allow lower level players to play, we can only involve out TOP PLAYERS to play as the entry fees are high. (We spend about $9000 a year for tournament fees)

Feeding the players at and after tournaments is something we like to do. A successful fund raiser allows us to do that. Otherwise, players will need to bring $8 to $10 per event to eat after tournaments. That can cost a parent from $40 to $50
per season for JH players and up to $150 for a high school player.

Uniforms: We purchase SPIRIT GEAR & UNIFORMS (Tee shirts, Hoodies & Spartan caps, as well as monogrammed golf towels. We purchase tournament uniforms and wind or rain jackets. This expense runs as high as $200 per high school player (12 tournaments) and $100 to $125 for junior high players (4 tournaments max)

COACHING STIPENDS: We do receive stipends from the district but since we try to avoid “cuts” and keep more kids involved than any school, we need to pay additional stipends for coaches and clinic fees.

PRACTICE FEES: We must pay courses for practice space. This is perhaps the only sport you cannot solely practice on campus. We must pay from $7500 to $9000 for golf course use fees to insure our players are ready to compete in the spring. By our doing this, your child has “team membership” at 3 courses during the school year. At present, they can play for free at Whitehawk & Lit’ Links 7 days a week AND at The Links for free Monday thru Friday. they can play for $5 on weekends at The Links. Golf is not a cheap sport, as you know, but that makes your golf fees a real bargain over the school year.

THE DISTRICT GIVES US A NICE BUDGET (& a great practice facility)…. In fact, at Bixby, we get more money for the program than I received at Jenks or Union… But since my goal is to keep kids playing this important lifeskills sport, we keep far more kids playing this sport at BPS than almost any school. That requires us to raise more money than the school should be expected to provide a sports team such as golf. We would have plenty of district provided funds for a “normal size” golf program…. But I prefer us to be “above normal” in size & numbers!

SUMMARY: Please have your Spartan Golfer go out and find a HOLE SPONSOR. Doing so, they will not have a spring fee to pay. Also, consider entering a family & friends scramble team. It is a great day of fun and benefits the team members. The scramble team doesn’t satisfy spring fees for your players as we have to pay the golf course for the tournament, but the hole sponsor money all goes to our team and that is why your Spartan does not have to pay their $175 spring fee in December….Essentially, it costs about $35 a month to be on the golf team…. That is for course fees, uniforms, tournaments and meals… A great bargain…..I have estimated, considering what we do each year, if we did not have a successful fund raising tournament it would cost a parent around $500 to $600 for the year for total involvement in playing on the team. AND THAT WOULD NOT NECESSARILY GUARANTEE A JV OR B TEAM PLAYER GETS TO PLAY IN TOURNAMENTS….. Let’s keep it the way everyone gets involved and have another great fund raiser!

Contact Chris Johnson if you can help… 918-629-8839.. You can also send me your Sponsorship or scramble team forms…..

Thanks, I appreciate you all!! – Coach Morrow



Based on eligibility, the plans for practice. (We are still waiting on a few players to pay course fees and get physicals and drug tests in.

At Whitehawk, we are limited on range balls (15 buckets per day) Do not get balls if you are not assigned on range until players that are assigned to the range get their balls. If you do not play on your scheduled ranking day, let me know why.

REMINDER: Coaches cannot be involved in practices after 4:00. Make sure parents are aware “official practices” are over by 4:00 and if you remain to finish your practice, it is by your choice. (This will change Dec. 1st) NOTE: We do set up VOLUNTARY PLAY DAYS WITH FRONTIER CONFERENCE SCHOOLS ON OCCASION. These events are VOLUNTARY and a player is not required to play or practice after 4:00. < Before Dec. 1st, A coach can watch, but cannot offer coaching advice after 4:00>

On home course days, if you are not a member of a club, you can go to THE LINKS on MEMORIAL and play. There is no charge for green fees. AND I ANTICIPATE THAT YOU WILL BE PLAYING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE THIS FALL.

Don’t waste the opportunity we have to get better. We need to work hard from now thru mid November…. This is our prime practice season! REMEMBER, YOUR PRACTICE SESSIONS ARE VOLUNTARY AFTER 4:00. But you can bring me ATTESTED scorecards to use as ranking scores.

JUNIOR HIGH PLAYERS CAN NOW USE THE LINKS AND LIT’L LINKS AFTER SCHOOL. (Also course time at Whitehawk)… BUT WE CANNOT HAVE OFFICIAL PRACTICES UNTIL DEC. 1st, as your OSSAA allowed practice time with a coach is during your first period. You will not be charged green fees at those courses and will have some access to free range balls, by a schedule to be posted next week. start planning to go AFTER SCHOOL… Work out carpool rides and playing groups….

ON WEEKENDS: You can play for free at Whitehawk with a tee time (usually at noon or later). A parent can play with you for $19.50 with a cart! Also, Lit’l Links Green Fees are also free on weekends. (No free range balls on weekends) At THE LINKS you can play for $5.00. (Not free but reduced green fees)


Golfers & Parents

I hope everyone is working hard. This could be our best year yet and we have had many solid seasons the last 7 years.
I can’t wait to get started! With this strongs senior class and our few very experienced underclassmen, we could really make a mark in 6A golf.

REMEMBER: YOUR HARD WORK & YOUR VERY SUPPORTIVE PARENTS GOT YOU TO THIS POINT. No matter who is coaching the high school team YOU & YOUR PARENTS deserve most of the credit for your accomplishments in golf. Bixby Schools have done a great service to you all in supporting your goals. Never forget that!

To those JV players working hard to be the next varsity team, DO NOT SLACK OFF! No matter how far we go This year, there is always a better year or greater accomplishments. Make that your goal!

You are all an important part of my life… Never forget that!

Coach Morrow

Drug Testing Procedures

Students and parents,


All students 7th-12th grade who will participate in ANY school sponsored activities (sports, fine arts, and school clubs) must complete a drug test prior to participation in that activity. There will be a two- step process to pay for the drug test and choose a time to come to the Home of the Spartans (HOTS) and take the test. Students should register and pay for their drug test online as soon as possible but no later than June 15th. Failure to do so will result in  a loss of participation in any activity until drug testing process is completed.



Follow these steps to register and pay:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the tab at the left Sports Camps
  3. Select School – High School from the drop down box
  4. Select Camp – Drug Test from the drop down box
  5. Click on the register button on the right
  6. Follow directions to register and pay



We are using a new sign- up system this year.  We hope you find it to be helpful and simple when looking for available times and trying to schedule your drug test.  This is our first year to try this system, so please let us know if you are having trouble.  You may contact Mr.Bittle, the Athletic Director, at , Stephanie Blackwell, Director of Athletic Programs, at or Mrs. Wood, in the athletic office, at with questions. If you do not have access to the new system you may also schedule a drug test by calling Mrs. Wood at 918-366-2218.

Follow this link below to begin the process of signing up for your drug test or you may also access the link on the athletic department website at

All drug testing will be completed at the Home of the Spartans (HOTS).


As always, should you have any questions please contact your coach, director, or the athletic department.


Thank you!


Jay Bittle

Athletic/Activity Director

Stephanie Blackwell, CMAA

Coordinator of Athletic Programs


The Hawk Golf Camp

We have reached a deal with Whitehawk for a player’s camp May 30th – June 2nd.
This camp is not for beginning players but will be designed to enhance a player’s course management as well as improve swing mechanics.

Camp hours: 7:45 to 12:30.

The Camp offers players small group instruction, both on the course and on the range. The ratio of instructors to students is 5 to 1. This will allow for comprehensive swing mechanics, Chipping & putting instruction and playing experience. Instructors will be high school coaches, a PGA professional and college players.

Campers will have 2 hours a day of on course instruction and 2 hours a day of range and practice green instruction. A total of 16 hours actual instruction with 2 hours of rules instruction during an end of day lunch included in the camp cost.

Additionally, campers will receive a Spartan player’s pass for 10 rounds of golf & 10 buckets of range balls to be used at Whitehawk in the summer.

The is primarily intended for Junior high Level and Junior Varsity players.

The cost of the camp is $275. As space is limited to keep player/instructor ratios in line, a $100 deposit needs to be paid ASAP.

The course has to be paid for course use as well as the free golf rounds. If you consider the free golf has a value of around $200, the instruction cost is a bargain. Campers will hopefully use up their playing passes before June is over and we have an agreement with the course to sell us additional reduced green fees.