Junior High tournaments 3/14

Sapulpa Bus will leave the complex at 7:30  –  This tournament shotgun starts at 9:00 –

It is a 9 hole MAXWELL format – Estimated time back at Bixby is 12:30 to 1:00

Players will get lunch at the course.

Lafortune Bus leaves at 6:15 – This tournament starts at 8:00

The girls play 9 holes and should be finished by 11:30. (They may leave with THEIR parent or wait for the boys to finish) BACK 9

Boys play 18 holes. FRONT NINE START – These are tee times and our players start at 8:00 to 8:32.

Estimated completion time is 2:30 to 3:00. We will stop for a meal after the tournament, arriving back in Bixby around 5:00.

LAFORTUNE ROSTER:  Burns, Moore, Kemmerly, King, Jenny  /  McIntyre, Gonzales, Fields, Kirk, Marazas

SAPULPA ROSTER: Fryer, Hall, Head, Lucas, Flegler, /  Abbott, Armstrong, Brabander, Coffey, Jolly, Lambert, Peters, Rame, Robertson, Shaw, Stevenson, Surman, Morarity

Junior High Tournament Friday 3/9

Frontier Conference Tournament at Bartlesville – Adams G.C.

BUS Departure time: 6:15    (Arrive at Complex by 6:00)

We are paired with Jenks & Broken Arrow.

GIRLS Tee Times:   G. Kirk – 8:40    E. Hall-8:48   L. Lucas-8:56   L. Flegler – 9:04    E. Fryer – 9:12

BOYS Tee Times:    Moore – 9:00     Burns – 9:06    King – 9:12      Jenny – 9:18    Kemmerly – 9:24

Girls off #10 Tee (9 holes)  –   Boys off #1 (18 holes)

DO NOT BE LATE FOR THE BUS DEPARTURE. We cannot wait due to drive time and needed warm-up time. If you miss the bus, go on the school as you will be dropped from the dismissal list.

Players may ride home with THEIR OWN parents or grandparents BUT must ride the bus to the events.

We usually get home around 4:30 to 5:00 for this trip. (We do stop to eat – Paid for by the team)

PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO PICK UP YOUR SPARTAN WHEN THEY ARRIVE BACK HOME. We call and give at least 20 minutes notice. The coaches must wait on you to come pick up your child.

Parents are always welcome to come as spectators and can walk with your child’s group or you can rent a cart. (around $25)

THERE ARE FIRM OSSAA RULES RELATED TO PARENT OR SPECTATOR INVOLVEMENT.  You cannot offer any advice or suggestions to your child and should stay at least 25 yards away from them and remain on the cart path. Your child can be penalized or disqualified for breaches of these rules. Coach Morrow enforces the rules and can/will penalize his own players, asper the OSSAA guidelines. Please make it easy on me…..

I note that the one way you can legally assist your child and save them strokes is to ‘forecaddy for them’. that means go down the fairway where you expect their shot to land and assist it it is in rough or a hazard. you can help look for any ball, including their competitors ball.  Spot where it landed and once they arrive to search for it, assist them by pointing it out. (also help their opponents if you` so choose to) THEN WALK AWAY. You can also clap and offer congrats on shots for all players in his/her group…


Tournament Info & Departure Times – 3/1 thru 3/10


YOU MUST BE ON TIME TO MAKE THE BUS – We cannot wait on you to insure sufficient drive and warm-up time for the players. If you miss the bus, go on to school. You will be dropped from the dismissal list.  A parent may not bring you to the course. If you do not show up on time, our team will have to play short a player, which will effect our team’s place the tournament.

NOTE: Sometimes the bus is a late arriving @ the complex due to transportation department snags, etc.  So if you are running late, but close, it is a good idea to come on or call the coach.

3/1  Sapulpa – JV Girls  Depart @ 7:30 – 9:00 Shotgun start (Maxwell)

3/2  Sapulpa – JV Boys Depart @ 7:30 – 9:00 Shotgun start (Maxwell)

3/5  Guthrie Country Club – JV Boys  Depart @ 6:15 – 9:00 Shotgun

3/6  Sand Springs – JV Girls – Depart @ 7:30 – 9:00  Shotgun start

3/7 Guthrie – Cedar Valley West – JV Boys  Depart at 6:00 – 9:00 Shotgun

3/7 Ponca CIty – JV Boys/Girls – Girls @ Wentz – Boys at Country Club Depart @ 6:00

3/9 Bartlesville (Adams)  JH  Boys/Girls – Depart @ 6:00 – 8:00 Shotgun (May update)

3/10 <Saturday>  Spartan Invitational @ Whitehawk – NO BUS – Arrive at course by 7:00


We stop to eat after the tournaments:  Player meals usually involve Subway or similar fast food Players  will receive from $7 to $8 for most meals. (Ci’s-Ci’s when available (IF WE PLAY  WELL)   (Bread and water when we play poorly)    ( Just kidding )

We provide snacks and drinks during the day BUT it is recommended all players eat a good breakfast.  We often have time to stop at MacDonalds or QT for breakfast in the morning if the players want to bring money for that.

INSURE THAT THE PLAYERS BRING WARM CLOTHING AND/OR RAIN GEAR. Stocking caps, winter gloves, etc. We often play in undesirable weather. (It takes a serious storm to stop play) a GOOD IDEA TO HAVE A SEPARATE BAG PACKED FOR ALL SEASON WITH FOUL WEATHER GEAR IN IT. Include dry socks and shoes perhaps. They can leave it in the bus and use as needed.


Junior High tournaments usually end by 2:30 or 3:00. Girls are finished by noon and can leave the course with their parent. (Only their own parent) Boys can ride home with their parent also.

Instruct your Spartan to text or call when we are headed home. PLEASE – PLEASE make plans to meet the bus.  Avoid keeping the coaches waiting at the complex waiting for parents. They cannot leave your child here alone.



SPARTAN INVITATIONAL -March 10th @ Whitehawk

Our Invitational will go as planned march 10th as the new owners will have their upgrades done in time to honor our tournament date.

This is a Maxwell format event where all of our players play together in 5 player teams. There is a JV division and a Varsity bracket. We have 2 JV teams in each tournament.  START TIME 8:00AM


Parents desiring to rent a cart, may want to reserve on in advance.


The team assignments.

VARSITY BOYS (Coach Morrow) :   Baber –  Peterson –  Kemmerly – Teeter  –  Moeller   

JV BOYS – Red Team Hole# 12B – (Coach Masters):  Hernandez – Ridener – Boles – Kirkland – Been

JV BOYS – Blue Team Hole# 10 – (Coach Holiday) : Criss – Spillars – M. Green – Freeman – Lee

VARSITY GIRLS Hole# 6 (Coach Reno) :  Gough – Eckert – Benton – Johnson ( 5th player TBA)**

JV GIRLS – ‘Red’ Hole# 2 (Coach Moore) : Tafoya – Anglin – Hammons – Lucas – (5th player TBA)**

JV GIRLS – ‘Blue’ Hole# 1 (Coach Huerta):   Kaiser – Long – M. Scott – McIntyre – Gonzales

**TBA –  Anderson &  J. Scott will fill in those team slots based on ranking matches


Players must be in uniform to complete:  Expect to remain at the tournament until all scoring and awards are completed.  (Approximately 2:30 to 3:00 is a close guess)

Parents are encouraged to attend but MUST adhere to OSSAA rules on  spectator involvement. Coaches are expected to enforce the rules related to penalties & disqualification. Coach Morrow follows the rules to the letter. Please don’t attempt to influence your Spartan’s play in any way.




Due to Whitehawk closing for renovations we will have a modified practice plan for 2 to 3 weeks.  We will resume using the course once they reopen and for this year at least, the new owners advise they will continue to honor our financial agreement made with American Golf.

I anticipate an increase in course use fees for 2018-19 but at this point it seems the new management intends returning the course to the outstanding golf course it once was.


JUNIOR HIGH PLAYERS WILL USE LIT’L  LINKS FOR OUR REGULAR PRACTICE COURSE. Players that belong to a private course may use their home course when ever they’d like. We must balance the playing groups to prevent the course from being overflowed with Spartan Golfers. Coaches Moore & Masters will alternate supervising these practices. Players are expected to attend. If you cannot get a ride to the course (or work out a carpool) advise the coaches each day.

Coach Moore Cell  918- 237-6489           Coach Master Cell 918-855-0030

If your already established carpool situation requires a change in groups, advise me ASAP


            This group will practice on Mondays & Wednesdays: (After school until 5:00PM)

Lucas, Marazas, Hall, Flegler, Kirk, Head, Fields, Fryer, Jolly, A.J., Jenny, Moore, Burns, Bailor, Kemmerly


               This group will practice on Tuesdays & Thursdays: (After school until 5:00PM)

Friedrichson, Kaiser, King, George, Abbott, Brabander, Rame, Coffey, Surman, Morarity, Armstrong, Stevenson, Robertson, Shaw, Holley, Lambert


  These HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS WILL BE ADVISED OF THEIR COURSE ASSIGNMENTS WEEKLY          < Indian Springs, Meadowbrook and Golf Club may allow us practice rounds for 2 weeks >

Gough, Eckert, Benton, Johnson, Anderson, Josie, Tafoya, Lucas, Peterson, Baber, Kemmerly, Teeter, Moeller, Criss, Lee



REPORT TO THE COMPLEX OR HOME COURSE ON DAYS YOU’RE NOT ASSIGNED TO THE LINKS     < If your established carpool plans required a change in group assignment let me know ASAP >

Mondays/Thursdays:  Owen, Fuller, Standlee, Holley, Fisher, Fields, Tanner, Moser, Cade, Elder, Daniels, Maddie, Morgan, Sefcik

Wednesdays/Fridays:  Spillars, Max, Crago, Miller, Guiterrez,  Hernandez, Ridener, Boles, Been, Freeman, Kirkland, Anglin, Hammons, Kaiser, Nadia, Long, Bales


You must play at least 9 holes each day at your assigned course. When at the COMPLEX you will work on short game area OUTSIDE.  We have to lock it up as soon as 7th period ends so the coach can get to a course.  PLAYERS BELONGING TO A CLUB MAY USE THEIR HOME COURSE EACH DAY UNLESS ASSIGNED A RANKING MATCH.  




LAST YEAR THE GOLF TEAM HAD A GREAT TURN-OUT TO HELP WITH THE BIG EVENT. WE NEED TO AGAIN THIS YEAR. It is a fun time and not hard work. Our task is to meet at the high school at 8:30 to check in and get trash bags, then we will go to Washington Irving park and pick up trash. We also pick up trash from there to the North Campus, along the jogging trail. We are done by noon and then come back to the high school for lunch provided by the event organizers.

LET’S HAVE ANOTHER GREAT TURN-OUT!  Go to the website below and register so we can get your tee shirt.  Your parent can register you if you can;t do it during between classes or at lunch.  MUST DO IT TODAY!

Sorry for the late notice to register. I have had us signed up as a team from the beginning but this year, I just found out we needed the individual participants to sign in.

See the website:    www.BixbyBigEvent.com

NEXT SATURDAY MARCH 24TH !!!   See you there.  Parents are welcome to help and provide transportation from the school to the park and back again.


Time to order your Awards Banquet tickets NOW.

Date:  May 20th @ 6:30

Location: Indian Springs Country Club

Cost $20 – Catered Fried Chicken Buffet.

This banquet is for All Junior High and High School players & families.

We give a number of season awards to all teams. We have to plan for the catering so we need advance ticket sales to determine the number of participants. We also have to rent the facility so even if you prefer not to eat, there may be a slight facility charge.

Contact Chris Johnson for information and to make your family reservations. (Checks payable to Chris Johnson)   918-629-8839

UPDATED Practice Plan: 1/24, 25

Due to weather changes and absences (By players and instructors) There will be changes Thursday the

Thursday 1/25

HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS (Group 3)  & all JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS To WhiteHawk.  Play in groups as assigned. One JH girl per small group of HS players: Play at least 5 holes. HS, mentor the JH on course & game management, etiquette, pace of play etc.  (Coach Reno will pair you up)  VARSITY GIRLS NOT PAIRING UP WITH A JUNIOR HIGH GIRL CHIP AND PUTT ONLY. (The Var. boys have our range balls today)


JV BOYS  (Group 2)  THE LINKS.  If you cannot get a ride worked out to THE LINKS go to the complex  for 7th hour. (Home course an option – With a parent email or text, after 6th period you can go straight to Indian Springs, Meadowbrook, etc.)  Coach Masters will be at The Links 

VARSITY BOYS (Group 1) Whitehawk or Home Course. At Whitehawk, Hit a bucket of balls then Play 5 holes.   Advise me if you are going to your home course so we will know why you do not show up @ Whawk.