Spartan’s “March to the State Title”

Tentative Schedule for remaining tournaments and practice:

Coaches Huerta & Moore Communicate about 1st Period Golf coverage


Mon  4/23 –  Boy Tournament @ Bartlesville (36) Roster:  Ridener – Hernandez – Boles – Been –                             Moser   < Coach Masters >  Depart at 6:00 – 8:00 Shotgun Start

MONDAY: VARSITY GIRLS PRACTICE < COURSE TBA >- (be available to practice w/Coach Morrow – Everyone else @ Complex – Coach Reno –  VARSITY BOYS SHOULD GO TO WHITEHAWK RANGE


Tues 4/24 – GIRLS REGIONAL @ Muskogee (Morrow) –  Paired with Jenks & Bartlesville                                                Roster:  Natalie – Rachel – Bailey – Josie – Kylee

Depart at 7:00  –  9:00 Tee times – #1 bag @ 9:00 – #5 bag @ 9:40

                  PRACTICE:  <MASTERS > @ Complex:  All players  (except Varsity Boys )

Varsity BOYS  Practice Round with COACH RENO – Course TBA – PLAN FOR IT  



Coach Morrow  & Reno will have a practice plan for VARSITY PLAYERS still in tournaments


Thurs 4/26 STATE PREVIEW @ For Ridge  Roster: Peterson – Teeter – Baber – Kemmerly – Criss

Dismissed @ 11:00 – 1:00 SHOTGUN   TEAMS PLAY TOGETHER  W/CARTS (Not Maxwell scoring)

  PRACTICE:  All Players @ Complex (Masters)       Varsity  Girls  W/Coach Reno –  Course TBA


Fri 4/27 – 7th hour @ Complex for all players –  (Varsity may go to Flying Tee  – TBA)


       Schedule for  Week of 4/30 TBA –  BOYS Regional on 4/30  – GIRLS State 5/1, 5/2 & 5/3


7th hour   –   All players at complex this week


Let’s all hope that the bad weather cancellations and cancellations related to the ‘Teacher Walk-out’ are over. Necessary “roster shuffling” has not been a simple task and I am sorry it has been frustrating for some. I realize that it has not been enjoyable to continually monitor & adjust to.

I am going to post, WHAT I PRAY, is the end of season schedule as we near the Regional & State Tournaments.


4/16  MONDAY – JV Boys Tournament @ Bailey Ranch.  I added all the players I could to help make-up for cancelled events.    DEPART AT 7:00  –  SHOTGUN START @ 9:00

ROSTER: M. Green – Freeman – Moeller – Lee – Owen – Fuller – Holly – Fisher – Fields – Tanner – Crago – Miller – Guiterrez – Moser – K. Green – Been


4/16 MONDAY – Varsity Boys @ The Oaks  <  Frontier Conf. Championship  >

DEPART COMPLEX @ 7:15  –  9:00 SHOTGUN  < Paired with Owasso & Sapulpa on  Holes 1-5 >

ROSTER:  Peterson – Teeter – Baber – Kemmerly – Criss


4/17 TUESDAY – Varsity & JV Girls @ Lafortune

DEPART @ 7:00  –   8:30 SHOTGUN START  < Paired with Jenks & Bartlesville Holes 7 – 9 >

ROSTERS:  Gough – Eckert – Benton – Scott – Johnson –  Halle – Emily – Kaiser – Long – Morgan


4/18 WEDNESDAY – JV BOYS @ Cherokee Hills / Catoosa

DEPART @ 6:30  –  8:30 SHOTGUN START

ROSTER:  Spillars – M. Green – Lastin – Lee – Owen – Fuller – Standlee -Holley – Fields – Tanner – Fisher – Been


4/18 WEDNESDAY – Varisty Boys @ Lincoln Park (36 Holes)

DEPART @ 5:00  –  8:00 SHOTGUN START

ROSTER – Peterson – Teeter – Baber – Kemmerly – Criss



Course: Paige Belcher –  Boys play 18 holes on Stone Creek –  Girls 9 holes on back 9 – Old Paige

DEPART @ 6:30   –    8:00 Start time  (Bixby Tee times start at 8:00)

ROSTER: < Tentative >  King – Burns –  Boles – Hernandez – Kirkland – Anderson – Gonzales – McIntyre – Kirk – Hall


4/20 FRIDAY – Varisty Girls @ Hillcrest C.C. Bartlesville  < Frontier Conference Championship >

ROSTER – Gough – Eckert – Benton – J. Scott – Johnson –  Anderson

Tournament departure times, starting times & pairings TBA


4/23 MONDAY – JV Boys @ Bartlesville – Adams GC  (36 Holes)

Departure 5:30  –  8:00 Shotgun Start

ROSTER –  Criss – Hernandez – Ridener – Boles – Kirkland



                                                 TOURNAMENT INFORMATION TBA


4/26 THURSDAY – Varsity Boys – State Preview at Forest Ridge G.C.














End of Season

End of year banquet is drawing near.  We need to be able to provide a head count for food so please get with me on the number of people that are coming in you party.  The cost is $20 pp. That will include a fried chicken dinner, tea, water and dessert.  The cost will also include the end of year coaches gifts.  I cannot count you as coming without payment because we are charge for the number we tell them.  Make checks payable to Chris Johnson. Checks can be sent with your golfer to school ( when we start back up ) or a check can be dropped off at North Carolina Furniture Mart. Thank You Chris Johnson 918.629.8839

The Club at Indian Springs

May, 20th 2018

6:30 PM

If anyone has pictures that can be used for the end of year slide show please send them to Patricia Gough at please include names of the golfers in the pics. Not all pics will be used, but as many as she can she will.  No pics will be accepted after 4/27/18, except pics from regionals and state.  

Owasso & Stillwater Tournaments Cancelled

Due to the weather & driving conditions, we will not travel to Owasso or Stillwater Saturday 4/7.

Unknown if these tournaments will be rescheduled. Owasso will likely be a mid-week event if rescheduled, but will be based on how the teacher walk-out goes. Stillwater not as likely.

The Boys and Girls teams will still leave Sunday at 2:00 for OKC-Norman COED tournament.

UPDATES 4/11 thru 4/14 (Significant changes)

Weather is causing numerous cancellations resulting in needed schedule and/or line-up changes.   Please be patient with changes and updates…… Mostly out of my control….

SATURDAY;  4/7   Both Boys events are moved to noon.

STILLWATER (@ Lakeside – 18 Holes) – Bus departs at 9:30 – Shotgun start at NOON.

Coaches:  Huerta, Masters & Moore

Roster:  Been, Spillars, Crago, Miller, Guiterrez, Moser, K. Green, Holley, Fields, Tanner, Fisher, Owen, Standlee, Ridener, Kirkland, Boles, Freeman, Hernandez 

OWASSO  (Bailey Ranch – Now Just 18 holes) – SUV Departs at  10:00 – SHOTGUN @ NOON

Coach:  Morrow

Roster:  Criss, Moeller, Lee, Peterson, Teeter


SUNDAY: 4/8  Boys & Girls COED @ Norman:  Depart at 2:00 for OKC – (Morrow & Moore)

Staying at Bricktown Hampton Inn & Suites:  405-232-3600

COURSE:  The Trails – Norman  (Tournament date 4/9)

Maxwell Format Tournament – Bixby Teams tee off at 9:50

Rosters:  Gough, Eckert, Benton, Johnson, Tafoya,                                                                                                   Peterson, Baber, Freeman, Kemmerly, Criss


MONDAY  4/9 –  JV GIRLS @ Owasso Golf & Athletic Club   (Coach Reno)

DEPART @ 6:30    –   8:00 TEE TIME  (May be moved to 8:40)

Roster:  Anderson, Lucas, Hammons, Kaiser, Anglin


TUESDAY 4/10 – Junior High @ Owasso (Bailey Ranch) – Coach Morrow & Masters

Depart @ 7:30   –   9:00 Start Time (Tee times – Not shotgun)

Rosters:  Lucas, Kirk, Head, Marazas, Fields, Burns, George, Jenny, Kaiser, Kemmerly                             THIS IS A TENTATIVE ROSTER – WE WILL EVALUATE MATCH COUNTS ON MONDAY


WEDNESDAY 4/11 – Junior High Boys @ Del City (Trosper Park) –  Coach Morrow

Depart @ 5:00AM  –  8:00 SHOTGUN START         NOTE ROSTER CHANGES

(Tentative) Roster: Abbott, Armstrong, Brabander, George, Jenny, Kaiser, Moore,  Morarity, Shaw, Stevenson, 9th graders: Hernandez – Ridener – Boles – Been – Standlee



(The girls that were going to Grove are now going to Sapulpa)



WEDNESDAY 4/11   GIRLS  JV @ SAPULPA  – Coach Moore & Huerta

DEPART @ 7:00 – 8:30 Shotgun Start    NOTE  ROSTER ADDITIONS

Sapulpa Roster:  Tafoya, Long, M. Scott, Elder, Bales – Nicole – Lucas, Hammons, Anglin, Kaiser,




Depart @ 6:30  –   8:30 Shotgun Start                   NOTE ROSTER ADDITIONS

Roster:  Gough, Eckert, Benton, Johnson,  J. Scott, Tafoya

JV NOW GOING : Lucas, Hammons, Anglin, Long, M. Scott, Bales


THURSDAY 4/12 – MAKE-UP AT BAILEY RANCH – 36 Holes – Depart at 6:15AM)

                                                   THIS IS A ROSTER CHANGE

Peterson – Baber – Kemmerly – Teeter – Moeller – Lee – Criss

The Regional Team selection will be heavily influenced by this tournament as                      Bailey Ranch is our regional Tournament site.




COURSE;  Paige Belcher G.C.  –  8:00 Start Time  Coaches Morrow & Reno


Burns, King, Kirkland, Boles, Hernandez, Hall, Gonzalez, Kirk, Anderson, McIntyre

Boys play 18 holes on Stone Creek   –   Girls play 9 holes only on Back 9 on Old Paige

(Some changes based on tournament results, weather cancellations & how       competitors are playing their line-ups)

Players listed should make every effort to play practice rounds on the courses they will play Friday. Contact one another and play together or see who needs a ride.



( No plans to play this tournament at this time – Will be decided on Friday )


SATURDAY  4/14  @ Lake Hefner CANCELLED     (due to to PROM & ACT TESTING)


This time of year, schedule changes often occur and with the weather and some events cancelled for other reasons beyond my control, it is necessary to adjust rosters to some degree.  (Rosters listed for below dates replace/modify any previously posted  rosters)

Ranking needs as we near Regionals & State significantly influence some changes.  

KEEP UP WITH REMIND101 MESSAGES. Some players or parents do not follow that primary messaging tool and it results in missed information of needed changes. If you have not logged on to Remind101, send Coach Morrow a text message requesting the process.

WE ARE PLANNING TO PLAY ALL OF OUR SCHEDULED H.S. TOURNAMNETS AT THIS POINT (EVEN IF THERES NO SCHOOL).  Jenks cancelled their 4/2 Junior High ‘B’ tournament but the ‘A’ tournaments are still scheduled.

Practice time is hard to manage once the competitive season starts, which is why we place so much focus on fall practice time. Players should make every effort to go to a course and play on their own or in groups. THERE  IS ONLY A FEW WEEKS LEFT IN THE SEASON……  Work Hard!


Monday 4/2 – No School due to Teacher’s being in OKC.  Some VARSITY players have been sent text messages to play at Indian Springs. (Lakes Course only)

Mid afternoon will be better for weather reasons, at this point. Unless you get the text message or are a member of Indian Springs, you should try to play at The Links or Lit’l Links. We are limited at Indian Springs on how many players can practice there at this point.


Tuesday 4/3 – Boys go to Edmond (Kicking Bird) & Girls go to Del City (John Conrad) Both events are considered as a  RANKING TOURNAMENT for our Varsity Line-up. (Practice This weekend!)

BOYS – Roster: Kyle – Michael – Baber –  Dylan – Ben – Chance – Ronson –  Boles –  Trent –  Aiden  DEPARTURE TIME: 5:00AM – Shotgun Start @ 8:00 (or 8:30)  –  36 Holes Stroke Play (Important)

GIRLS – Roster: Natalie – Eckert – Benton – Kylee – Josie – Nicole – Long – Bales – Kaiser – Madison –


Wednesday 4/4

GIRLS –  Play in the Jenks Invitational   (Southlakes)    Depart @ 6:30  –  8:00 Shotgun start  This will be a big tournament for us.  We are paired with Jenks & Edmond North

Roster:  Natalie – Eckert – Benton – Kylee – Josie – Nicole – Sarah –  Halle – Emily  – Morgan – **Bales                (**Betsy will only play if school was not in session on Tuesday)

 Varsity Boys should go to Golf Club of Oklahoma to play a practice round on Wednesday


Friday 4/6  –  Boys JV go to Sapulpa & Girls JV goes to Paige Belcher (Glenpool Invitational)

BOYS – Roster: Criss – Spillars – Max – Lee – Crago – Miller – Guiterrez – Moer – Kade –  Owen – Fuller – Standlee – Holley – Fisher – Fields – Tanner       DEPART AT 6:30 –  Shotgun @ 8:00

GIRLS – Roster: Lexi – Sarah – Emily – Long – Morgan – Madison –  Nadia – Bales  (ad-ins TBA) – Shotgun start listed at 8:30, but confirmation to come)-  DEPARTURE TIME : 7:00


SATURDAY 4/7 – BOYS JV to Stillwater (Lakeside)  8:30 Shotgun start – DEPARTURE @ 6:30   

Roster:  Hernandez – Boles – Been – Spillars – Max – Lastin –  Crago – Miller – Guiterrez – Moser                        Kade – Fields – Tanner – Owen – Fuller – Standlee – Fisher


Saturday 4/7 – Boys Varsity / JV  (Ranking Event)  – 36 Holes  Depart at 6:30 – 8:30 Shotgun start

Roster:   Ben – Trent – Aiden – Chance – Ronson   This is a significant ranking tournament

< This 36 Hole score will be doubled in calculating stroke averages as this is our Regional Course and players who play this course well will strengthen our chances to make it to state >

Additionally, the BOYS 5 bag for Norman 4/9  will be assigned after this event –  Kickingbird scores & Bailey Ranch scores heavily effect that assignment, along with existing stroke averages


SUNDAY 4/8 – Depart @  2:00 COED tournament Norman (Trails) – Overnight at OKC – Bricktown

Roster:  Natalie – Rachel E. – Bailey B. – Kylee – Lexi – Nathan B. – Michael – Kyle – Lastin – (+ 1 TBA)

This tournament is Monday 4/9 – Maxwell format. The girls and boys play a combined score event as well as competing as separate teams. Bixby is  defending COED Champion from 2017.

Junior High tournaments 3/14

Sapulpa Bus will leave the complex at 7:30  –  This tournament shotgun starts at 9:00 –

It is a 9 hole MAXWELL format – Estimated time back at Bixby is 12:30 to 1:00

Players will get lunch at the course.

Lafortune Bus leaves at 6:15 – This tournament starts at 8:00

The girls play 9 holes and should be finished by 11:30. (They may leave with THEIR parent or wait for the boys to finish) BACK 9

Boys play 18 holes. FRONT NINE START – These are tee times and our players start at 8:00 to 8:32.

Estimated completion time is 2:30 to 3:00. We will stop for a meal after the tournament, arriving back in Bixby around 5:00.

LAFORTUNE ROSTER:  Burns, Moore, Kemmerly, King, Jenny  /  McIntyre, Gonzales, Fields, Kirk, Marazas

SAPULPA ROSTER: Fryer, Hall, Head, Lucas, Flegler, /  Abbott, Armstrong, Brabander, Coffey, Jolly, Lambert, Peters, Rame, Robertson, Shaw, Stevenson, Surman, Morarity

Junior High Tournament Friday 3/9

Frontier Conference Tournament at Bartlesville – Adams G.C.

BUS Departure time: 6:15    (Arrive at Complex by 6:00)

We are paired with Jenks & Broken Arrow.

GIRLS Tee Times:   G. Kirk – 8:40    E. Hall-8:48   L. Lucas-8:56   L. Flegler – 9:04    E. Fryer – 9:12

BOYS Tee Times:    Moore – 9:00     Burns – 9:06    King – 9:12      Jenny – 9:18    Kemmerly – 9:24

Girls off #10 Tee (9 holes)  –   Boys off #1 (18 holes)

DO NOT BE LATE FOR THE BUS DEPARTURE. We cannot wait due to drive time and needed warm-up time. If you miss the bus, go on the school as you will be dropped from the dismissal list.

Players may ride home with THEIR OWN parents or grandparents BUT must ride the bus to the events.

We usually get home around 4:30 to 5:00 for this trip. (We do stop to eat – Paid for by the team)

PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO PICK UP YOUR SPARTAN WHEN THEY ARRIVE BACK HOME. We call and give at least 20 minutes notice. The coaches must wait on you to come pick up your child.

Parents are always welcome to come as spectators and can walk with your child’s group or you can rent a cart. (around $25)

THERE ARE FIRM OSSAA RULES RELATED TO PARENT OR SPECTATOR INVOLVEMENT.  You cannot offer any advice or suggestions to your child and should stay at least 25 yards away from them and remain on the cart path. Your child can be penalized or disqualified for breaches of these rules. Coach Morrow enforces the rules and can/will penalize his own players, asper the OSSAA guidelines. Please make it easy on me…..

I note that the one way you can legally assist your child and save them strokes is to ‘forecaddy for them’. that means go down the fairway where you expect their shot to land and assist it it is in rough or a hazard. you can help look for any ball, including their competitors ball.  Spot where it landed and once they arrive to search for it, assist them by pointing it out. (also help their opponents if you` so choose to) THEN WALK AWAY. You can also clap and offer congrats on shots for all players in his/her group…


Tournament Info & Departure Times – 3/1 thru 3/10


YOU MUST BE ON TIME TO MAKE THE BUS – We cannot wait on you to insure sufficient drive and warm-up time for the players. If you miss the bus, go on to school. You will be dropped from the dismissal list.  A parent may not bring you to the course. If you do not show up on time, our team will have to play short a player, which will effect our team’s place the tournament.

NOTE: Sometimes the bus is a late arriving @ the complex due to transportation department snags, etc.  So if you are running late, but close, it is a good idea to come on or call the coach.

3/1  Sapulpa – JV Girls  Depart @ 7:30 – 9:00 Shotgun start (Maxwell)

3/2  Sapulpa – JV Boys Depart @ 7:30 – 9:00 Shotgun start (Maxwell)

3/5  Guthrie Country Club – JV Boys  Depart @ 6:15 – 9:00 Shotgun

3/6  Sand Springs – JV Girls – Depart @ 7:30 – 9:00  Shotgun start

3/7 Guthrie – Cedar Valley West – JV Boys  Depart at 6:00 – 9:00 Shotgun

3/7 Ponca CIty – JV Boys/Girls – Girls @ Wentz – Boys at Country Club Depart @ 6:00

3/9 Bartlesville (Adams)  JH  Boys/Girls – Depart @ 6:00 – 8:00 Shotgun (May update)

3/10 <Saturday>  Spartan Invitational @ Whitehawk – NO BUS – Arrive at course by 7:00


We stop to eat after the tournaments:  Player meals usually involve Subway or similar fast food Players  will receive from $7 to $8 for most meals. (Ci’s-Ci’s when available (IF WE PLAY  WELL)   (Bread and water when we play poorly)    ( Just kidding )

We provide snacks and drinks during the day BUT it is recommended all players eat a good breakfast.  We often have time to stop at MacDonalds or QT for breakfast in the morning if the players want to bring money for that.

INSURE THAT THE PLAYERS BRING WARM CLOTHING AND/OR RAIN GEAR. Stocking caps, winter gloves, etc. We often play in undesirable weather. (It takes a serious storm to stop play) a GOOD IDEA TO HAVE A SEPARATE BAG PACKED FOR ALL SEASON WITH FOUL WEATHER GEAR IN IT. Include dry socks and shoes perhaps. They can leave it in the bus and use as needed.


Junior High tournaments usually end by 2:30 or 3:00. Girls are finished by noon and can leave the course with their parent. (Only their own parent) Boys can ride home with their parent also.

Instruct your Spartan to text or call when we are headed home. PLEASE – PLEASE make plans to meet the bus.  Avoid keeping the coaches waiting at the complex waiting for parents. They cannot leave your child here alone.